IAMO welcomes delegation from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China

01 October 2019

On 25 September 2019, a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), China, led by Mr. Jinyao Zong, the director of Department of Laws and Regulations, visited the IAMO. In the fruitful exchange with IAMO director Prof. Dr. Thomas Glauben and China Research Group coordinator Dr. Zhanli Sun,  the group learned about the institutes profile and current research topics. In recent years, IAMO has been increasingly engaged in promoting the bilateral scientific exchanges and policy dialogues between China and Germany.  After presenting some general information about the institute and its historic development, Thomas Glauben and Zhanli Sun particulary highlighted the China Research Group as well as the many China related projects and activities, such as the Sino-German Agriculture Centre. They also talked about the challenges of the rural development, including rural-urban migration, rural infrastructure investment, rural labour shortage, and education and health care in China and Germany. Prof. Dr. Glauben moreover introduced the existing policy measurements in EU and Germany in boosting the rural development. Both sides agreed that mutual exchange and comparison studies will be mutually beneficial and they looked forward to further exchanges in the future.