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Farmer’s pesticide use and the role of incentives in China

07 August 2018

China is still characterized by a large amount of small farmers which might result in higher costs of the public food safety system. To guarantee food safety, China has implemented some mandatory policies which provide standards of vegetable production for all producers, as well as some non-mandatory policies like food certification schemes. Despite these policies, some farmers, at least, still deviate from rules either unintentionally due to limited cognition or intentionally due to the interest of monetary gain. In order to study and prevent farmer’ way of pesticide use from deviation of rules, factors that have an influence on decision will be explored first. Then it comes to the measure that can promote farmers towards compliance of pesticide use rules. Moreover, as vertical integration is seen as one strategy to increase farmers’ compliance, a more interactive perspective, where vertical integration in Chinese vegetable sector will be introduced for a better understanding in terms of whether, why and how the vertical integration in China could make a contribution.

Researcher: Thomas Herzfeld, Yangyi ZengCooperation

Partners: Sichuan Agricultural University